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What would your company be willing to pay for a full color front-page newspaper or a front cover magazine ad?  How about a huge image of your company logo on the 6:00 news along with a positive story? 

Sorry, as you know this space is not for sale at any price…

Or is it?

    (insert your balloon here)


The public and the media love balloons

Our company regularly gets this kind of positive exposure for free! We currently attend approximately 20 weekend balloon rallies a year throughout the Northeastern US and have accumulated dozens of newspaper stories and TV spots with our balloons prominently featured. 





Big impact venues await

The average event could yield over 100,000 viewings of your product and ad copy. In the largest markets such as the NY metro area, customer impressions at the "The New Jersey Festival of Balloons" can run into the millions when you factor in the Morning Show TV spots. The balloon is a huge billboard that people will actually stop and take pictures of.


The uniformed ground support crew and graphics clad vehicle will be your ambassadors on the ground, giving away Balloon trading cards or coupons at Balloon and sporting events and store grand openings. Merchandising tie-in opportunities abound. We are willing to simply provide space or arrange for staffing of a mobile product/souvenir sales booth.


Value that you can take to the bank

 No other advertising vehicle can grab em and hold em like this one can!

Only our company can take your balloon ad campaign to the next level.  With millions of miles of safe class 8 truck operation our management team is ready for the BIG transportation needs of a mobile storefront or product display theater.  When we roll into town for your special event, balloon festival or promotion looking like a NASCAR team, heads will turn.

We can help build brand awareness like Remax has done in its field. We can show you how to take advantage of low cost per customer impression (impressions that are 5 times stickier than conventional advertising). 

It is widely recognized in the industry that "special shape hot air balloons" have recall factors of nearly 75%. It’s not surprising then, that major companies like Disney, Pepsi, Burger King, Eveready, and Pontiac use balloons in their advertising mix.

Creative ownership and operating plans work together to avoid liability risks and your company can be named as insured on the balloon operating insurance policy.

The purchase of the balloon system is a one time fixed expense. When properly cared for the system will last for years and will carry a substantial resale value at the end of the program.  Many pricing options are available depending on your needs and how many events you would like to attend each year.

Please allow us the opportunity to discuss a hot air balloon marketing program with you.

Your own "Living large tour" can become a reality for your company in a matter of months. Thank You.

Buoyant regards,

Frank Bart

President ABI


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