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The main product lines offered are:

Animal Shapes

Custom Shapes

Hot Air Balloon Replicas

Giant Product Replicas

Serving Kiosks

Mascot Costumes

Giant Mascot Replicas

What exactly are they?

Cold Air Inflated Advertising Systems, commonly referred to as "Cold Air Inflatables".  Generally can be made as giant size replicas of virtually any design or shape.  Cold Air Inflatables are constructed of coated nylon fabrics and require a constant supply of forced air from an electrically operated heavy duty blower.

Installations are typically roof or ground mounted and are secured with heavy duty tether straps. Internal lighting where appropriate can also be included. Common sizes for cold air balloons range from 6 ft (1.8m) to 35 ft (10.5m). Larger sizes are also available.


Common applications

Cold Air Inflatables are most often used at Sporting and Community Events, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Special Sales Events, Grand Openings, or any time that high exposure and high impact advertising is called for.

All systems are designed with portability in mind.  They can be set up or packed away in minutes.  Easily transported, they can be moved from one location to another and displayed quickly.  Out of the way locations are highlighted and easily recognizable from a distance with an Inflatable displayed on the roof.

Quality and Value

Our Inflatable products have been designed for use in all climates, year round.  By using custom manufactured, purpose designed fabrics with unique Ultra Violet Light inhibitors and other protective additives, our manufacturer is able to provide a product that will last longer and look better than similar competitive products.  

Our outdoor systems include tether straps featuring heavy duty webbing combined with slip lock cam buckles to secure the Inflatable to its mounting.  Our inflation blowers are high output,  approved for outdoor use, and are housed in weather resistant enclosures. Inflatable balloon systems can be designed to withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Quality artwork is the all important final feature that completes our systems. Our art department can reproduce even the most difficult logos using a combination of overlay and inlay fabrics, and special hand painting, screening, and inking techniques.


Hot Air Balloon Replicas

Hot Air Replicas  3.6K     Hot Air Replicas     Hot Air Replicas     Hot Air Replicas

The Hot Air Balloon Replica is by far the most popular shape.  It can be custom designed in corporate colors and have a corporate logo displayed on 1 - 4 sides.  The smaller sizes from 6 ft (1.8m) to 12 ft. (3.7m) are perfect for day to day outdoor displays, trade shows or interior displays.  The larger sizes from 16 ft (5.0m) to 35 ft. (11.0m) are designed for long duration roof or ground mounting outdoors.  Using the internal lighting package included with every Hot Air Balloon Replica, these systems can provide 24 hour a day point of sale advertising.

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