2013 Rate Schedule 



Discount Boarding Passes

"Sunrise" discount fare (excludes October except on standby basis)  
$265.00 cash only rate * ( $285.00 by credit card )
per person 

( *NEW Price rollback )

This is the fare most people end up purchasing for gift giving.  Mail a check or money order in advance and save the credit card fees. You also lock in the price for a full year.  Your "Boarding Passes" arrive in a presentation jacket with a letter describing the ride and a couple of our picture cards and are great for gift giving.  Passes go out to you by first class mail the day we receive your order.  They must be paid in full and are non-refundable.  They are however, transferable and upgrade-able.  Each Pass has a date of flight printed on it for one year from the date of issuance.  Passes must be used by or before flight date.  Passes can be accelerated or used on any date before your flight date year round on a space available basis at no additional charge, simply by calling 860-584-1300.


Sunset flight add on for our Discount Fare above:
$50.00 per person  
Note; The higher price for afternoons reflects the higher booking, re-scheduling, loading and unloading and crew costs associated with these flights.  Balloons fly at sunrise when the winds are calm.  Afternoon flights are a relatively rare but happy bonus and often must be re-booked many times before a successful flight can be made.  


New England Foliage Flight, ( October only)

"Foliage flight"
$295.00 per
person for October weekend flights
(Cash discount: pay cash on the day of the flight and deduct $10.00 per person)

Enjoy all the spectacular color that nature has to offer here in New England.  The crisp air and smell of fall leaves will greet you on this most requested flight.  Seasonal snacks top off a great morning or afternoon adventure.  

Sunset flight add on for our Foliage Fare above:
$50.00 per person  
*Note; The higher price for afternoons reflects the higher booking, re-scheduling and staffing costs associated with these flights.  Balloons fly at sunrise when the winds are calm.  Afternoon flights are a relatively rare but happy bonus and often must be re-booked many times before a successful flight can be made.  


High Adventure Flight

"Adventure flight"
$500.00 per

Ok, you've reached the pinnacle of your profession.  Your hard work has paid off.  You deserve something really special.  Perhaps you want to share an unforgettable flight with that special someone or reward key business associates.  Your search for something a cut above the crowd ends here.

Have you ever dreamed of following in the footsteps of the early balloon adventurers and record setters?   This flight is truly something that not very many people have experienced, in fact quite a few balloon pilots have never experienced high altitude and long distance flights of up to two hours in duration.  

Available all year round, our adventure flight will send you over a mile high (5280 feet) guaranteed and quite possibly may reach 10,000 feet msl.  On a clear day you will have an unequalled view of Connecticut and surrounding states.  We carry extra fuel so this flight will be longer than the one hour standard flight and will usually cover much more territory.  In addition to the traditional post flight Champagne celebration there will be snacks served in flight.  2 to 4 passengers plus pilot can be accommodated.  We may be able to travel to your idea of the perfect location for a balloon launch (subject to local regulations and possible travel charges).  Be aware, that weather is a bit more critical on these flights and may force cancellation and re-booking.  



All flights include a traditional toast of regular or non-alcohol Champagne and snacks as part of the ride service.
Please understand, good flying weather days are relatively rare and space on a balloon is extremely perishable.  It costs us money to fly off half empty.  If you say you are flying when we make our final reconfirm phone call and you do not show up at the meeting place, there will be a "no show fee" based on revenue lost, of up to the cost of your ticket.  Always bring a cell phone in case you get lost. 
Repeat flyers (flown with us before) will receive a free t-shirt.
 Be sure to mention it when booking
 Our large balloon is insured for up to six passengers plus pilot, but our total lifting capacity for each flight will depend upon the total weight of our passengers and outside temperature on the day of the flight.  

Call for price and availability on larger groups and multiple balloons.  We can handle any size group with sufficient notice 1-860-584-1300. 


Exclusive Charters


Private charter sunrise rate: $795.00 per flight
(Cash discount: pay cash on the day of the flight and deduct $20.00)
Private charter afternoon rate: $845.00 per flight
(Cash discount: pay cash on the day of the flight and deduct $20.00)
Our pilot will fly our "smaller" balloon on a deluxe charter flight for one or two people who wish to insure that they fly alone.  Flexibility is a big advantage of the private charter.  We will do our best to fly out of a location of your choice.  We can often fly higher and or a bit longer than standard flights on the private charters.

If you have a larger party you may book or pay for five passengers at our regular rates above and you will have in effect a private charter in our large balloon.




You can now book a flight in a genuine "special shape" balloon.

  These expensive custom designed and built balloons are usually only seen at balloon rallies where they are commercially sponsored. 

"Goldie and Gus" the worlds largest goldfish bowl (90,000 cu. ft.) is now available for private flights of fancy.  The approximately one hour flights cost $1800.00 and if you have a good launch location we may be able to come to you to fly.  There is a strict weight limit of pilot and 750 pounds of passengers (morning) and 650 lbs. (afternoon) plus an insurance limit of pilot plus 5 passengers.  As with all our flights, this premium balloon ride service includes a post flight Champagne celebration with snacks.  It also includes a Goldie & Gus t-shirt for each passenger.

Commercial Flights


Business advertising flights: $845.00 per flight (consult your tax advisor about deductibility)

One or two passengers or clients included

Basket advertising banner attachment included (your business supplies the banner)

30' X 20' Large envelope banner hitch points available at extra attachment cost.  (We have a source available for large lightweight banners)  


Tethered operations: By the hour (up to 150' ropes) 40 to 50 passengers per hour.
Static displays: (inflation for ground display of your banner)
Walk in balloon rental for parties  (fan filled, good for mid-day events)

Contact us for info, each event is individually quoted, per your exact requirements

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You can call us and use your card to purchase if you prefer 860-584-1300 



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All flights are weather permitting.

Your safety is our first concern!

We have a 20+ year perfect safety record.




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